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Abortion Clinic Pretoria

Abortion Clinic Pretoria is a legal women’s clinic in Pretoria central located at the corner Bossman and Jeff Masemola Street ( Former Jacob Marae )


When a woman considers an abortion, her health, safety of the clinic and the abortion procedure to be performed are important.


A Safe Abortion can be done in two ways.


Surgical  Abortion

This is when a slight operation will be done in order to terminate the pregnancy. This method is quick but painful.


Medical Abortion

Is when tablets are used to end the pregnancy.

Abortion Clinic Pretoria offers this type of abortion because it’s quick and looks like a miscarriage.


Why Abortion 

abortion clinic pretoria

abortion clinic pretoria

Why Abortion Clinic Pretoria offers Medical Abortion


1- Women say they feel more in control during the process.

2 – It is affordable with Prices starting from R500

3 – It carries less risks because it looks like a miscarriage.

4 – It can be done  during the early stage of the pregnancy.

5 – Medical abortion has a success rate of  98%

6 – The pills used are available in almost all countries


Abortion Procedure of Abortion Clinic Pretoria


When you book an appointment at our clinics, the doctor will counsel you and also tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of a medical abortion.

A pregnancy test will also be done.

You will then be asked to swallow a pill that is meant to block the hormone the supports the pregnancy. When this hormone is stop the pregnancy can not continue


You will be asked to insert another pill deep inside your private part.

This pill will cause the lining of the uterus to become weak and shed the pregnancy. During this period you will experience:-

1 – You will feel nausea

2 – Feel like vomiting 

1 – cramping similar to strong period pains

4 – Bleeding  although this may not happen straight away. It’s important you use pads.


Why choose Abortion Clinic pretoria


1 – We are a legal Abortion clinic.

2 – We offer follow up appointments to all our patients.

we provide all our clients with pain tablets but never take Asprin and womb cleaning pills Free of charge. if the pain persists we also recommend using a warm bottle it does the trick

We don’t offer Abortion Pills without the required clinical requirements we recommend to have a pregnancy test after 3 – 4 weeks to confirm the abortion process.


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