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Pregnancy Termination

pregnancy termination the process of ending a

pregnancy so it does not result in the birth of a baby. Depending on how many weeks you have beenpregnant, the pregnancy is ended either by taking medication or by having a surgical procedure.

is always hard decision to make, but if you have weighed your options and ready to have the procedure done,  you  should arrange to have a termination sooner rather than later.

Often many teens under the age of 16 fall pregnant and get sacred to tell their guardians about the mistake they did. In such situations they keep on hiding the pregnancy by wearing big clothing so that their parents don’t realize but soon or later it starts to show and by the time they contact an abortion provider, often its too late.

whatever your age and situation, you can still have a legal termination of pregnancy performed but it must be approved by your guardian and the doctor who will counsel you about the current situation of raising a baby while your still young because most of the times,  it would be more harmful to your mental or physical health to continue with the pregnancy than it would be to terminate it.

Termination of pregnancy in Pretoria is legal up to 20 weeks but most abortion clinics will not perform an abortion after the 18-20 week mark unless either there is a serious threat to the woman’s life or the unborn child.

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